Education Loan Interest

 Interest Rate Given by various Banks

SBI Education Loan8.85%
ICICI Education loan11.75%
BOI Education Loan10.35%
AXIS Education Loan13.70%
BANK OF BARODA Education Loan8.40%
HDFC Education Loan10.25%
PNB Education Loan8.45%
IDBI Education Loan9.50%
Allahabad Bank Education Loan11.45%
CANARA Bank Education Loan10.50%
CENTRAL BANK Education Loan10.60%
FEDERAL BANK Education Loan10.85%
KOTAK BANK Education Loan10.5%
OBC Education Loan11.30%

NOTE- The Interest rate given above is just for information purpose. Data given above is collected from various internet source. It may not exactly match with respective bank as we have put there approx data. It may vary according to college, course, sex, loan tenure, loan amount etc. So before buying it please call or visit bank.

Education Loan

If you are aspirant for higher education but you are financially not enough strong to afford it. You don’t need to hesitate because you have option to take loan for education. Almost all the bank provide education loan. You will be getting moneytory benefit for all your expenses for persuing that particular course for which you have taken loan. Just you have to choose course concentrate in your goal rest bank will be managing for you. Not only this you don’t have to pay single emi during your course period. You have the option to pay your loan after you complete your course.

Who can take education loan?

Anyone who have qualified or taken admission in a recognized institute is applicable to take education loan from banks. Almost all the banks offer education loan. You must be a citizen of India. Have attain age of 18 if not your guardian can get loan for you.